Why did we name our brand Trance? We thrive on being creative. Trance was created to express and emphasize the rare beauty of natural botanical essences and pure artistic values of artisan perfumery.

 What does Trance mean and how does it work? Trance is an altered state of consciousness where one may experience exalted relaxation, healing, inspiration and intuition, opening one up to a deeper capacity for love and creativity. Achievable through the smelling of perfume, botanicals, pheromones, incense - anything by which we have a smell associated memory, a trance state can be achieved. 

What is Artisan Perfumery? 

Please watch our short Trance brand video depicting our Artisan process and intention.  

What is our shipping policy? Our shipments go out Monday through Friday within 24 hours of your purchase. Trance currently ships to all United States locations. We ship US Priority Mail or UPS.  Currently, we do not have international shipping.

Do we sell wholesale? We are happy to have our products in your retail or web location. Please email us an inquiry; tell us about your store and we  contact you within 24 hours: info@tranceessence.com or franca@zanovelloconsultants.com


Do we design and formulate custom and private Label scents, bath and body products? Creating a custom or private label perfume or bath and body product is a specialized, intimate endeavor that is detailed. These projects can take up to six months to actualize therefore, Janna takes just a few clients a year. Please email us info@tranceessence.com to inquire.

Do we have a flagship store in Ojai? 

We are located in a studio style workspace, open by appointment only: info@tranceessence.com. 

Where do you sell your product? 

Please email us: info@tranceessence.com so that we may help you find a retailer near you.  

What are our ingredients?  Our six signature scents are made from a combination of perfume oil and essential oils. In addition to the scent, our eau de parfum spray contains an alcohol carrier. Each of our six signature scents combine a different percentage of each of these ingredients. We also carry 100% essential oil perfumes and 100% natural and organic fragrantly imbued bath and body products.

 Do Trance products contain parabens, artificial dyes and are they tested on animals? 

No, they do not.  

Are Trance products gluten-free and vegan?

Yes, they are.  

What is a perfume oil?  Perfume oil's are the aroma chemical compounds of flower, fruit and resin such as coconut, vanilla, tea and so on used in combination with essential oils to create our six signature scents.  

What is an essential oil? An essential oil is the volatile oil extracted from the plant by a variety of distillation methods. We like to refer to this as the 'life blood' of the plant.

Do you have organic products? 

Yes, we have small batch handmade organic body oil and cream made exclusively to sell at the Certified Ojai Farmers Market. 

Do you sell at any Farmers Markets? 

Yes, we sell occasionally at the Certified Ojai Farmers Market. Please email us for times or join our email list or Facebook page for updates